May 21, 2012

[Movies] Moron 5 And The Crying Lady (2012)

You may have noticed that we've been trying to watch more local movies as of this year. After all, we need to support our own, right? And maybe the quality of local movies is getting better.

This movie, however, is not an example of that. Totally not.

Moron 5 And The Crying Lady is supposed to be a comedy directed by Wenn Deramas. While he did in fact direct the movie, it wasn't at all funny. It's so bad that I won't even bother with a full review.

The basic premise is built around 5 friends - Albert (Luis Manzano), Isaac (Billy Crawford), Aristotle (Marvin Agustin), Michaelangelo (DJ Durano) and Mozart (Martin Escudero) They're all idiots in every sense of the word and as kids they manage to break the heart of a budding gay boy who grows up to be played by John Lapus. In order to get revenge, the "crying lady" frames the group for a crime and gets them convicted.

The movie doesn't have much more of a plot beyond that as they get into one badly-written comedy sketch after another. The jokes weren't at all thought-out and the comedic timing of the actors was often off. You can't really tell the 5 apart since they don't really have defining characteristics apart from their stupidity.

We walked out of the theater mid-way through the movie. It was THAT bad, and I don't care if it's one of the third top-grossing movies of the year. Thus I can only let the movie go by with HALF a start out of five, and that's only in recognition of one joke, Martin Escudero and the fact it ranked so highly at the box office.


  1. So it's literally a moron movie? :) Grabe ang rating ha. Talagang half-star lang :)

  2. I wanted to give it a zero, pero masyadongng harsh naman siguro yun.