May 16, 2012

[Gaming] Now YOU Can Get the Double Fine Adventure Game

As I had mentioned yesterday, I'm one of the adventure game loving geeks who decided to help back the Double Fine Adventure on Kickstarter - now known as one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever and an interesting twist in the whole video game publishing market.

And while the fundraising project ended last March 13, Double Fine has recently announced on the Backer-only forums that they're now open  to latecomers to join in the fun! Not only can you still become one of the first to get the completed Double Fine Adventure game, but you'll also get access to the Backer-only forums where you can participate in the game development discussions and help shape the game, but you'll also get access to the exclusive documentary videos that show the behind-the-scenes moments as the game developments.

The documentary alone is more than worth your minimum $15 contribution since it's quite the special journey about how the likes of Tim Schafer goes through his creative process and how such games start as concepts and turn into reality. While the other reward tiers that include the Double Fine T-Shirt or the art book are no longer available, at least you'll still get access to the documentary, which is just amazing to watch, believe me.

You can read up on this new option at the Double Fine website, which contains a link to their PayPal account where you can may your donation. Remember that the email address you use for the PayPal transaction needs to be the same email address that you'll use to sign-up for the Double Fine Backer forum.

So what are you waiting for? Get your PayPal account ready and I'll see you on the forums!

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