May 30, 2012

[Gaming] Geek Trivia via Did You Know Gaming?

There's a new gamer geek trivia site called Did You Know Gaming? that features a wide variety of interesting tidbits about various games regardless of platform. I mean seriously, that have stuff for console games, PC games and even an Angry Birds factoid.

The Tumblr site is still relatively new (4 pages) but has been already making the rounds of various geek blogs (which is how I found out about it).

To get more of a taste for what the site covers, check out a few more interesting pieces of trivia after the cut...

And naturally the site seems to feature a LOT of Super Mario related trivia to boot. For example:

So definitely take some time to check out Did You Know Gaming? As long as you love games, I guarantee you won't regret it!
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