Apr 4, 2012

[Google] April Fool's Day 2012

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Every year Google pulls some crazy stunts on the first of April -in other words April Fool's Day. I could spend an entire series of blog posts just celebrating all the fun things that they've come up with over the years, instead let's just spend today talking about a few of the things that Google did this year.

And remember, once upon a time Gmail was launched on the first of April. Thankfully that wasn't a joke, hehe.

Best of all - a lot of their pranks came with videos!

First up is Google Fiber, which was obviously meant as a pun on their efforts to advance high speed internet through a massive fiber optic network. Cute, but not overly funny:

There was also the announcement about the new Multitask Mode in Google Chrome. It's not quite what you'd expect it to be...

Then there's Gmail Tap, an effort to speed up mobile communication by reducing the number of keys you need to use. Crazy! Especially with the multitask mode!

And my personal favorite for the day - 8-Bit Google Maps! So awesome!

And yes, I tried to go to my house in the 8-bit mode.

The day also featured self-driving NASCAR racers, the canine staffing team and a bunch of other fun stuff from the various Google partners around the world.

Yup, just another crazy April Fool's Day with the happy geeks at Google!
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