Dec 3, 2011

[Pink Scene] Pride of the Orient: The 17th Annual Pride March

Today's the day of Pride March 2011! This year's theme of sorts is Pride of the Orient and is the 17th Pride March in the country.

Assembly point is at the Remedios Circle (Malate, Manila) and registration starts at 01:00pm. The march itself begins at 04:00pm and the after program begins at 06:00pm.

Join us as we celebrate diversity and show our support for the Filipino LGBT community!

For those who are curious about the parade route, you can refer to the map below:

For other participant reminders, check out this link.

See you there and HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE!
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  1. Happy Pride Day everyone! Enjoy the event :)

  2. Thank you for  being part of my first march.

  3. It was an honor. =)

    See you next year!

  4. Happy Pride! You should join us next year!