Oct 26, 2011

[Geeky Guide] The New Banner

I don't know if you guys have noticed that the Geeky Guide has had a new title banner for a few weeks now. Amid all the other geeky things I've been writing about along with all those annoying real-life obligations, I realized I had yet to take the time to formally discuss the change in a blog post. And it's a pretty fun story.

Many months back (like December 2010), I received a message from a reader offering to provide a new header graphic for the blog. It was a really nice offer and of course I agreed, although I had no major ideas of what I might want other than it be something geeky and perhaps a little queer too. Obviously I'm not a very right brain kind of guy in situations like this.

Fast forward to this month and he finally got back to me with this little number that we now have on the site. It took a little tweaking to get the new look implemented but the end results were beyond fantastic - I can't believe how awesome this turned out!

So here's me giving a very big THANK YOU to the amazing Mikko Vartio from Finland! It was amazingly generous of you to do the work to come up with this new header graphic and it has certainly made a major difference in terms of the site experience.

For you other readers, be sure to check out his work and follow him on Twitter! He's a fellow geek, so you know it'll be worth your while.

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