May 7, 2011

[Metro] We're Finally Going To Watch Kylie!

There are very few items on my virtual bucket list at this point - and I say this since I know that (1) I'm still pretty young and there's a lot to experience and (2) I've already managed to get a lot done with the help of my partner Tobie so it seems too early to feel the "pressure" of time. However one item that has been on my list has been the desire to watch Kylie Minogue live in concert given the role she's played in my gay life.

Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Tour 2011

But now we're definitely going to be able to mark this bucket list item as complete come 08:00pm on July 5 at the Araneta Coliseum. With the recent confirmation that Kylie's coming to Manila and with ticket sales going live as of 10:00am on May 6, my partner and I are officially booked! Yes, we have our tickets in Upper Box A, since we felt this would give us a decent view of the stage as a whole without being too far away. As much as we'd love to throw more money into getting closer to the stage, the greater reality is that with how everyone will inevitably stand up during the concert, higher seats seem most prudent.

For those who still want to get tickets, your best bet is to call the TicketNet hotline at (02) 911-555, especially if you're aiming for selecting seats from the reserved seating sections. Otherwise, you can also go fill out the web form for ticket reservations.

Ticket prices are as follows:
  • Patron VIP 101 & 103 - PHP 15,840
  • Patron Regular - PHP 126,75
  • Lower Box Center - PHP 8,450
  • Lower Box Sides - PHP 6,340
  • Upper Box A - PHP 3,700
  • Upper Box B - PHP 2,640
  • General Admission - PHP 845
Upper Box B and General Admission seats are NOT reserved seating.

Our Kylie Minogue Concert Tickets

Well, see you there fellow Kylie fans! You know it's going to be totally awesome!
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