Feb 19, 2011

[Music] Congratulations Esperanza!

While we don't often write about music here on the Geeky Guide, it doesn't mean we don't appreciate it. In fact, we love music and the important cultural role it plays in our society. Plus we like dancing and we love Kylie Minogue.

But given how the week has gone, we wanted to take some time today to extend a little love for a great break-out artist.

Flickr: Cowboy Ben Alman - esperanza spalding, pt. 3
esperanza spalding, pt. 3
by "Cowboy" Ben Alman

Our heartfelt congratulations to 2011 Grammy Best New Artist Esperanza Spalding! Not only is she the very first jazz musician to win this award but she also holds the distinction of beating the likes of Justin Bieber for an award! Now THAT's a stellar achievement!

Oh, and she also happens to be a musical artist skilled in multiple instruments including the upright bass, the bass guitar, the violin, the oboe and the clarinet. So please, how can you argue that she's less talented than the Bieber? Plus she has better hair.

But man this was a pretty crazy Grammy awards. Whether or not you liked the winners, you have to admit that it was a pretty interesting show. Plus I doubt any of us are going to forget the ridiculousness of Lady GaGa showing up for the event in an EGG (after supposedly incubating in there for 72 hours *eyeroll*) - because naturally she was "Born This Way" or whatever else you want to call it.

And don't get me started on that GaGa's new single - I'll leave that discussion for another entry.

But back on topic, great work, Esperanza! For those of you who are actually curious about her music, try that link on for size. Otherwise you can try searching online for samples or visiting your local record store. (Can we still call them "record" stores?)
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