Dec 2, 2010

[Daily Geekery] December 2, 2010

Busy, busy day, but what can we do? Despite my real life work obligations (yes, I have a day job), I still had some time to scour the web for items of interest. Hopefully, they're also interesting for you, but we can never really be sure about that now can we?

Although the occasional comment might help enlighten me ***hint*hint***

  • Strange Horizons - No Return Address - A great short story that was shared on io9. It's definitely worth the read if you're not doing anything better during your lunch break today.
  • Google Sightseeing: Carcassonne - Google Maps enthusiast site Google Sightseeing featuring the French city of Carcassonne, now made popular by a bunch of German game designers. Okay, so maybe the game has very little to do with the actual city and the game is only really popular in geek circles. And what do you think I am?
  • io9: Frank Darabont fires The Walking Dead's entire writing staff - This news was certainly a surprise to many fans of AMC's The Walking Dead (like me and my partner). But another article in today's Daily Geekery may provide additional insight.
  • Official Google Blog: Being bad to your customers is bad for business - While this may seem like a boring piece I found this to be a very interesting look into the Google thinking process. Wouldn't it be amazing if there was an algorithmic solution for most of our problems in the world?
  • Tuned In - Today in Firing: Walking Dead Writers, CBS Early Show Hosts - TIME's James Poniewozik decided to weigh in on the news about The Walking Dead firings, and he points out that it may not be that bad a thing after all. After all, how much writing is needed for a show based on a comic book right? The core material and the premise is already there, right?
  • Tuned In - Glee Watch: Sharing the Spotlight - Again, I love James Poniewozik given he's a great writer with a keen eye for analyzing TV in a highly analytical way. Plus we seem to think along similar lines. Case in point - this week's episode of Glee. Can anyone explain how the Warblers managed to snag a tie decision? Hello plot deus ex machina!
  • - Church questions RH survey: You can’t poll morality - I know, I know, I'm really beating this issue like a dead horse, but I can't help it. The CBCP is hilarious when you get down to it. Why listen to surveys after all - let's just ignore any evidence that people actually want the RH Bill! They're probably wrong in the end, right? *insert LOL here*
  • Gizmodo - Cassette Lamp Is a Shining Ode to Analog - I'd post the photos, but there are a number of them worth examining. Besides, who wouldn't want to read up a bit more on a concept lamp made out of cassette tapes?

Well, have to run off for work. That's our Daily Geekery for today!

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