Nov 28, 2010

[Pink Scene] The 2010 LGBT Pride March On December 4

December 4 is not only Thai Environment Day in Thailand or Navy Day in both Italy and India, it's also the date of this year's LGBT Pride March! Sure, the traditional celebrations of Pride take place in June to coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, but locally we always have a separate parade in December that coincides with December being AIDS Awareness Month.

This year's LGBT Pride theme is "One Love" and it also marks the first time the march is moving from Manila to the generously supportive Quezon City!

Straight Loves Gay (Philippine Pride March 2010)

For the details, a few links to remember:
Show your support and stand up for LGBT rights! And if you're not yet out, you can still join by wearing a mask or whatever elaborate costume you can come up with. The point is, if you value LGBT rights, then show up and support the cause!

Assembly time is at 02:00pm - see you there!

Lagy Gagita for Pride March Philippines 2010

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