Nov 23, 2010

[Daily Geekery] November 23, 2010

I share a heck of a lot of stuff on my social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, but it's not usually stuff about me. In fact, it tends to be stuff I found online via all my RSS feeds in Google Reader in an effort to share interesting updates with my friends.

But since not all of you readers (1) follow my Twitter account or (2) even have Twitter, I figured it might be fun to run a quick summary of all the stuff that I've shared over the past 24 hours. Since most US news comes in the wee hours of the night while I'm at work (yeah, yeah, graveyard shift and all) the bulk of my shares tend to come in at that time.

So here's the round-up for today!
Geekosystem: Schrödinger’s Cat Is AliveDead Geekosystem: Schrödinger’s Cat Is AliveDead

And that's your Daily Geekery for today!
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