Sep 25, 2010

[Events] Banned Books Week 2010

Banned Books Week 2010

Welcome to Banned Books Week!
Every year, the American Library Association (ALA) takes a week in the year to celebrate our freedom to read pretty much whatever we want. Of course this hasn't stopped people from trying to get books out of public libraries because of content that they find objectionable and thus this little even came to be. Still, thanks to the ALA, we all get to get together to celebrate the wonder of books and how even the fundamentals of what are thought to be internet-only principles of freedom of information truly started with books.

This year's Banned Books Week runs from Setember 25 - October 2, although I can't seem to find any official local events related to the week. Sure, it may not be an international event (yet?), but we seem to copy almost everything else from the US, so why not a meaningful even like this, right?

When it comes to Banned Books week, the ALA provides a lot of resources for you book fiends to explore. Sure, you can start with the short list of Banned & Challenged Books from 2009-2010, or maybe even just the Top 10 Challenged Books of 2009. for a look at just what people have been fussing about.

Thus in the spirit of this week, I'll do my best to post reviews related to some of these banned and challenged books and continuing to spread the work that creative works should remain free - the act of censorship or policing context is best left to the individual!

And as stated on the Banned Books Week website - Free people read feely.
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