Apr 21, 2010

[Geeky Guide] A New Look Thanks To Blogger Template Designer

The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything has remained largely static in its appearance ever since I first started this blog back in 2006. I wanted a nice and simple template and so I ended up with the familiar blue appearance it has maintained over the years. Plus there's the fact that I'm really not too good with the detailed programming of more advanced webpages and so I've stuck to a simpler approach.

Over the years I've made minor improvements along the lines of new sidebar widgets, additional features like the LinkWithin recommendations you get with every post entry, but nothing major. I guess it just didn't feel necessary.

Introducing the Blogger Template Designer

When Blogger in Draft came out with the Blogger Template Designer, a point-and-click solution for more novice blog owners who want to customize their template fully. I was surprised by how versatile the tool truly was and the level of control it afforded me as a blog owner. It does take a fair amount of time for it to load the first time and you'll find yourself better off taking one of the new templates as a starting point and then working your way from there.

It didn't take me too much time to get the look and feel I wanted, and thus ultimately resulted in a wider blog text area. It did take me a bit of a while to add back my customizations such as my Google Analytics tracking code and my tag cloud, but the patient should not find this an issue. Plus there's the added benefit of new Blogger apps that may already mirror the functions of all third party hacks that used to litter Blogger blogs previously.

So here you have it - the new Geeky Guide look and feel. Tell me what you think about it in the comments or perhaps more directly.

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