Mar 24, 2010

[Environmentalism] Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour - LogoThis is one of your last reminders, folks! This Saturday, March 27, 2010 is the date of this year's annual Earth Hour event. I know it doesn't seem like much but it's a major worldwide movement that definitely deserves our geeky support.

The rules are simple: as our way of showing that the world can unite for a cause as important as the future of our planet, everyone is asked to turn off as many electrical devices for a single hour. From 08:30pm - 09:30pm (with respect to whichever time zone is local for you) your part of the world is asked to go a little darker for 60 minutes as a way of giving back to the planet.

Of course it will mean even more if everyone would take this as a move to reduce their energy and fossil fuel consumption even further, but I guess we need to start somewhere.

Your Geeky Guide (that's me) and his partner will be participating this year as best as we can. No, I won't be live-blogging the event or anything silly like that since that'll only mean that my computer, DSL modem and router are on which is sort of besides the point. I'll do my best to sit in the dark despite the summer heat and probably light a candle or something. And yes, this Geek enjoins you to do the same, wherever you are in the world.

Hope to "not" see you this Saturday once we all turn out the lights!

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