Nov 12, 2009

[TV] The End of the Road for Dollhouse and Eastwick

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Well, it's not like the news was a TOTAL surprise, now was it?

Despite the fact that the show managed to come back for a second season despite poor ratings, FOX has finally decided to cancel Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. This was pretty much a sure bet as soon as they announced that the show was going on a month-long break for November and would come back in December.

At the very least, it's been announced that the network will at least finish the show's current 13-episode run in order to give the series some closure. It doesn't mean it makes me understand or forgive FOX for killing yet another budding science fiction series (can anyone say Firefly?). Damn you FOX, damn you.

At the same time, ABC has just announced they're also killing the fantasy series, Eastwick, which was based on the books and the movie by the same name. I wasn't an actual fan of the show but a lot of my friends are and I'm man enough to admit I am more of a fan of Matt Dallas (hello Kyle XY!), especially when he's shirtless.

Sure, the series wasn't exactly the smartest show on air but it was a nice mash-up of fantasy and the kind of soap opera style dramas many viewers have also come to love. Again they expressed commitment has been to air the remaining episodes with the showing ending on #13, but how that will be executed remains to be seen.

Frankly, today has just been a disappointing day for the worlds of science fiction and fantasy with the death of these two shows. This whole debacle has me remembering the pain of losing Pushing Daisies around the same last year. This is the season when the networks evaluate their shows and decide who lives and who dies. Science fiction and fantasy shows hardly survive this period when you think about it (I say again, FIREFLY!)

Well, here's to hoping that new shows like FlashForward and V survive to manage a decent run at the very least. It's all we can hope for in these trying times.

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