Nov 19, 2009

[New Worlds Alliance] The Geeky Guide to TV

When I decided to better organize the way I approach Geeky Guide entries, I picked a category of entries for each day of the week. Mondays were for new movies while Fridays were for old movies and so on.

Thursdays was meant to be my TV day and that hasn't quite gone well since I tend to favor reviewing entire seasons of shows and not just individual episodes. This means that unless I've actually finished a TV show's season, then I had little to write about. Thus Thursdays have been joined by theater reviews and video postings from YouTube to help supplement for content.

Now I've just gotten into an agreement with my fellow geeks at the New Worlds Alliance to become their associate editor for TV content. This means that I finally have more of a venue for TV news and individual episode discussions and I'll probably cross-post a few Geeky Guide entries to the site as well.

So yes, let's all welcome my new column, The Geeky Guide to TV. Yeah, It wasn't a very creative title, but it certainly maintains close ties with this blog.

If you're interested in contributing science fiction and fantasy TV news or content to the site, feel free to contact me directly and we'll work something out.

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