Nov 5, 2009

[Movies] Prince of Persia Trailer

It's interesting to note that one of the most successful franchises of recent history came out of Disney. What more, it wasn't even an animated feature or anything remotely targeted at children.

With the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, you know that Disney is determined to find the next "big thing" (or think of ways to abuse the Pirates franchise even further) and it seems they're not investing their money on starting a Prince of Persia franchise (and yes, Jerry Bruckheimer is still steering this ship.

The teaser images and leaked photos going around the internet have made some Prince of Persia fans (myself included) a little nervous about how faithful this movie wil be to the original computer game franchise. On the flip side, Jake Gyllenhaal may not look exactly like the prince, but he certainly looks good period. Seriously, he's gotten rather buff for this action role and I can't complain too much about that!

So for your viewing pleasure, the official Prince of Persia movie trailer:

Prince of Persia Film Official Movie Trailer HD

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