Sep 1, 2009

[Geeky Guide] 3 Geeky Years

Flickr: 3rd Birthday Cupcakes
3rd Birthday Cupcakes
by clevercupcakes on Flickr.

It's been 3 years since I started The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything, and it's been an interesting trip. Considering this remains to be a side project and is no where near becoming a remotely possible source of alternative revenue for me, I've enjoyed writing every single entry and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.

Sure, many things have changed in my life and the amount of geeky things that I get into but it doesn't change the fact that this blog remains to be a way for me to share what interests me, celebrate geeky things and generally provide another view of the geeky world that we live in.

Last year the milestone was finally getting my own domain name. This year it's all about better organizing entries and more regular posting schedules. Who knows what the future may bring. I just hope that all of you readers (geeky or otherwise) continue to frequent the Geeky Guide, support my efforts and most important of all, celebrate your own inner geekdom and find things to be crazily obesessed about.

So Happy 3rd Birthday to The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything!

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