Aug 27, 2009

[TV] Geek Shows for the Fall

The fall TV season in the US is about to begin, and naturally that means new seasons of our favorite shows and new shows to watch out for. While we can't guarantee how good these new seasons are going to be just based on past performance or stuff like that, still we're all going to set our calendars, DVRs and torrents for those fateful days.

Here's my short list of shows that I'm really looking forward to this fall:

Returning Shows
The Big Bang Theory - Naturally what geek can NOT be waiting for the return of our favorite geeks and so we can finally learn what happened after they all shipped out to Alaska. This is probably one of the best geek comedies as of recent years that celebrates geek culture while still being able to just laugh at itself as well. The Big Bang Theory returns on September 21, 2009.

Dollhouse - The Joss Whedon show had a bit of a bumpy start and sort of struggled for viewership before really gathering steam in the second half of their first season. Despite all those challenges (most of all being on FOX), the Actives and their Handlers are returning for a second season and will hopefully reveal more about Echo's emerging powers of memory and possibly revealing what has happened to Alpha. Dollhouse returns to TV on September 24, 2009.

Lie to Me - While not a typical "geek" show per se Lie to Me is a great series that has a very alternative spin on the classic TV crime drama. Instead of using forensic evidence, the Lie to Me crew spot people in the act of lying and use this to help their clients with their cases. The first season really surprised me and one can only hope they further expand the series in interesting ways with the second season. Lie to Me returns to the small screen on September 28, 2009.

New Shows
Glee - While one can argue that this might not be a "new" show since its pilot debuted in May, that still wasn't the regular season run. Thus musical comedy series about a high school glee club of misfits trying to fight against all odds to win the regional championship. Glee finally gets the ball rolling on September 9, 2009.

FlashForward - The trailers and teasers for this show definitely have me curious about ABC's planned direction for this show. Based on a book of the same name, Flashforward is about a strange event that has everyone seeing a glimpse of their lives six months in the future. Based on this glimpse, they all need to figure out whether or not the visions were real and whether or not they can do anything to change that outcome should they not have liked what they had seen. Flashfoward debuts on September 24, 2009.

V - V is a remake of a prior series from the early 80's show about life after aliens arrive on Earth with significant numbers. Rather than the typical plan of just laying siege to the planet like most other science fiction stories, V has the aliens appearing kind and benevolent to everyone given a hidden agenda already at work to gain control of the planet. V is definitely one of the shows I'm most excited about given the premise. V will debut all the way on November 3, 2009.

Happy watching folks! I know I'll be keen to..."acquire" copies of these shows as they broadcast live in the US. You just have to love the internet for that.

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