Jul 1, 2009

[Videos] Usavich

Here's something a friend of mine shared with my via Facebook - some odd Japanese web series called Usavich, apparently some MTV Japan animated series about two rabbits in prison. Then again, when you watch the videos, you'll understand that only the Japanese could think of something like this.

I'm not sure what appeals to me about this series - the stupid dance the green bunny does all the time or the constantly building library of characters - whatever it is, it's certainly entertaining.

Here's the first 20 episodes for your viewing enjoyment (most have been placed under a cut to save space on the main page)

ウサビッチ usavich 1~5話

ウサビッチ usavich 6~10話

우사비치ウサビッチUsavich 11~15

우사비치ウサビッチUsavich 16~20

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