Jul 20, 2009

[Geeky Guide] More Regular Updates

Hello Geeky Readers!

Yup, it's rOckY, the so-called Geeky Guide behind the Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything. Sorry the updates haven't been as frequent as I'd like them to be - my life has gotten a lot busier in very geeky ways and it's become a tad trickier to find regular time to update the Guide. No, no, this isn't a "goodbye" entry or anything like that, don't worry.

While trying to juggle regular White Wolf role-playing game sessions, ridiculous amounts of time spent playing Katamari Damacy and / or We ♥ Katamari, catching up with movies, reading comic books and recording episodes of Fandom Live with my fellow geeks, I still strongly want to continue writing for the Guide, and I will. It just needs a firm commitment and me re-thinking how I do things.

Normally I just update when I can and do multiple entries, thus resulting in a flood of updates over the span of a few days. Moving forward I'm going to start scheduling the publishing of these updates so that they come out on a more regular basis and not in a slipshod, infrequent basis like now. I'm thinking of adopting at least a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for my various reviews of movies, books and games since these are a little easier to "bank" for future use while my features about life in the metro, interesting news items and geeky viral videos will still appear periodically throughout the week. At least this way there'll be guaranteed content thrice a week and the potential for more updates as time permits.

If you have ideas about regular features you'd like to see or perhaps past entries you really liked and want to see more of, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Cheers to all of you and stay geeky!

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