Jul 21, 2009

[Geeky Guide] Considering Regular Feature Categories

Hello Again Geeky Readers!

In an effort to re-organize the Geeky Guide and make it more meaningful to you, the readers, I was considering coming up with categories for the various articles and a more or less regular posting schedule that should make getting into the Geeky Guide a lot easier.

By now you probably realize that the bulk of my content centers around reviews of movies, books, games, comic books, TV shows and other items of geeky interest. I also post a lot of upcoming movie and game trailers, viral videos and quirky how-to videos as well. Beyond that, I do a number of political commentaries, observations of life here in the Philippines or in the call center industry and whatever else that comes to mind. I'm a major Google fan, but I also write a number of features about cloud computing, online solutions and various tech-savvy things that make gadget boys go oooh. Yes, the Geeky Guide is all this and more, depending on the day and how much time I have.

So now I want to better segment things so readers like you can visit the Guide on the days of the week that you expect your preferred content to appear. Perhaps I should have Movie Mondays when all movie reviews are posted. I could have Wired Wednesdays dedicated to the latest in web applications, social networking innovations and other online stuff. I might start hosting Fandom Fridays when I do more of my tribute entries to classics of yesteryear like cartoons from the 80's, great science fiction movies and franchises like Star Wars and the Terminator series. What about TV Thursdays just dedicated to on-going TV shows and speculations about new ones? Superhero Saturdays solely for the world of comic books and graphic novels? Or how about Transformer Tuesdays, where I can try to come up with new factoids or rants about Transformer news, developments and rumors?

There are so many possibilities, so many ways to share the geekier side of things with readers like you and I'd love to hear your thoughts on what direction you think the Geeky Guide should take. Do you want more reviews? Less viral videos? More LGBT features? Additional discussions about life in the Philippine call center industry? Leave a comment with your ideas or perhaps email me directly!

I'm looking forward to your opinions so don't hesitate to provide feedback!

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