Jun 30, 2009

[Movies] Strong Ladies Make Good Films

Okay, so sometimes I post stuff that reminds everyone that I'm not just the Geeky Guide, but I'm a gay one to boot (and proudly so!) Case in point - a few interesting trailers for upcoming movies that may seem a bit too female for most common geek's tastes, but are still definitely worth the time of day to see. Seriously, at least I don't obsess over cheesy gay romances and chick flicks, okay?

First up is a movie that'll make The Devil Wears Prada seem a tad shame - a true depiction of Anna Wintour, infamous woman of power behind Vogue, perhaps the penultimate driving force in the fashion industry.

'The September Issue' Trailer HD

The other is something starring Meryl Streep, an amazing actress who is definitely not limited to the role she played in The Devil Wears Prada (which is an odd coicidence to cite right now). This time around she's portraying yet another powerful woman - secret spy extraordinaire Julia Child in what promises to be a pretty interesting movie inspired by two true stories supposedly. Oh, and did I mention it stars Amy Adams of Enchanted fame?

JULIE & JULIA trailer

I guess I can relate to that last title a lot more since I too am trying to learn to cook. I just haven't bought her book yet...

Both films are set for release this year.

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