Jun 29, 2009

[Fandom Live!] June Episodes

In case you geeky readers didn't already know, the Geeky Guide spends his Sunday evenings recording a web show called Fandom Live! with his fellow geeky friends where we talk about all things geeky and generally make fools of ourselves doing so. Not that this is a problem mind you - it's all in good fun as is the way of geeks.

So if you're looking for something else to kill time with on YouTube or if you're just curious as to what I look and sound like in real life, then check out a few of this month's episodes here.

Kudos to our friend Dek for the editing work and the amazingly funny comment / captions. Pardon her for the occasional typos - it's not like we're paid to do any of this after all, haha.

Fandom Live! We View: Star Trek the Movie

Fandom Live! Happy Father's Day

Fandom Live! We View: Terminator Salvation

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