Jun 27, 2009

[CollegeHumor] Star Trek Confusion

The recent Star Trek movie has done remarkably well at the box office and has been generally well-received by fans around the world. Naturally, there are still a large number of supposed "purists" who are outraged at the film and feel like the movie became too much like Star Wars, or something else along those lines.

Now frankly, I think this is just silly. First, there's no reason to be solely a fan of Star Trek or a fan of Star Wars - both are very good franchises. A lot of the elements that people feel were "stolen" from Star Wars from a narrative perspective can actually be traced back further to the Hero's Journey monomyth, which is a the structure for many of the greatest stories of classical literature. If you want to try to the whole technology aspect being somehow "wrong", then that's yet another misnomer since even Star Trek has had more than its fair share of technical inaccuracies - the very fact we can see phaser fire is the most classic example.

It's a good movie. It's good entertainment. It's a great way to get new fans interested in the series. Deal with it - we're done with Rick Baker.

If you really think this latest Star Trek movie was too much like Star Wars, then take a look at this - now this would have been REALLY bad. =P

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