Jan 8, 2009

[Geeky Guide] ISP Updates

My ISP (Globe Broadband) finally dispatched a tech team to figure out why my wireless connection was being terribly pathetic since, well, ever since I signed up about a month ago. After several minutes of twiddling with my computer (with me watching like a hawk), the tech went on to explain how wonky the wireless service does get and just explained (as I had already observed) what he had done.

As stupid as it was for him to continually reset the connection via the admin page, it seems to work and I tried the same thing out when things started to slow down, and so far it seems to help. It wasn't the most amazing solution provided, but it was a practical one.

Ultimately what this means to you, geeky reader, is that I'm finally decently connected again, so expect more updates as we continue on into 2009. If anything, you can always go on and check on my personal blog, Beyond Dinobot Island (yes, I'm an LJ user!) in case you're curious as to what I'm up to when I'm not posting entries here.


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