Oct 2, 2008

[TV] Political Items of Interest

As the 2008 US Presidential Elections draw nearer, naturally the airwaves (and at the same time the viral video world) are being flooded with political advertisements, news features and satires. This week is definitely no different, but there are two items of particular interest.

First up is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) encouraging people to register and vote in the coming elections, which is a pretty good thing. It's also swamped with celebrities, which is also pretty to look at, haha. The ad was supported by the DiCaprios and tries to be non-partisan - but you can judge that for yourself.

#2 - 5 Friends

And then there's this fun jab by the Simpsons about what it might be like to try and vote for Obama in the coming elections...

#13 - Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama

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