Sep 14, 2008

[TV] Craig Ferguson on Voting

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 16: Host Craig Ferguson...Image by Getty Images via Daylife We don't get The Late Late Show here - for some reason no one has opted to pick up this particular show for syndication / redistribution. I can't see why they don't try it out given we've already syndicated all the other big late night shows unless the big folks at our corporate TV offices think Filipinos can't handle Craig Ferguson's accent, hehe.

Sadly, I wouldn't put it past them to think precisely that.

Anyway, with the US Presidential Campaign in full swing, the news is just saturated with stories about Obama, McCain and Palin. Sadly, Biden is too boring to catch the attention of the voracious media, hehe. Politics is always one of the regular staples of the late night television world and in this next video, Craig Ferguson has a lot to say about the candidates and about our responsibility to vote in itself.

Frankly, I'm impressed and all the more I wish they brought this show to Philippine television screens sooner rather than later.

#18 - Craig Ferguson, "If you don't vote, you're a moron"

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