Aug 6, 2008

[Gaming] Mario Media

It's always fun when we return to old school references, especially from the classic gaming console era. Of course the true symbol of these times remains to be Super Mario, and recently I've encountered everyone's favorite little Italian plumber in a few places.

First there's today's CTRL+ALT+DEL strip, which may not be an implicit presentation of Mario, but he's definitely in there in spirit, LOL.

CTRL+ALT+DEL: August 6, 2008
Click to view full image at CTRL+ALT+DEL

What's even more fun is one of the latest CollegeHumor videos featuring a what-if scenario featuring all of Bowser's minions instead of just the main characters themselves. Talk about getting your just desserts.

Bowser's Minions

Ah yes, there's no school like the old school! LOL
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