Aug 13, 2008

[Apple] Truth in iPhone Advertising

LONDON - JULY 11:  A lady in the queue to purc...Image by Getty Images via Daylife The power of the modern internet user is best seen in the fierceness of certain blog posts or the uniqueness of videos posted online. Let's face it, the internet turns anyone into a potential journalist without an editor and with minimal delays between the news event and getting the information out there for everyone to see.

As much as there's a fair amount of fluff on the web (as amusing as many such stories and videos may be), it doesn't mean there's no value in what everyone has to say.

Here's a pretty simple video, which does its part in debunking Apple's advertising claims when it comes to the supposed speed of the new iPhone 3G:

#13 - 3G iPhone Ad vs Real World: A performance comparison

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