Jul 15, 2008

[Music] Feist on Sesame Street

Sesame StreetImage via WikipediaWith 39 seasons under its belt, Sesame Street is a cultural icon that hopefully will never ever go away (and I'm not just talking about it being in the hearts and minds of children forever, mind you). I mean come on - everyone has at least seen it once in their lives and then there are others who were practically raised by the show (guilt as charged!)

When I first saw the link for this video appearance of unusual musical artist Feist, it all just made perfect sense to me. Her music is fun, yes, but her videos are even better not because of how high tech or sophisticated they are, but more because of how interesting, unique and quirky they tend to be as well. Yes, geeks are drawn to the unusual and uncommon, and that perfectly describes the works of Feist.

This was just a match made in heaven. Where to next? The land of Make Believe perhaps?

#5 - Feist on Sesame Street
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