Jul 15, 2008

[Geeky Guide] Geeky Domain

So after much thought (and even more delaying), I finally gave in to impulse today and purchased a domain for The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything. Yes, we're finally dropping our direct affiliation with Blogger / Blogspot to try and establish an independent identity and perhaps pave the way to more readership and new avenues of geekdom. I'll still use Blogger to create these entries though and in fact I purchased my new domain through Blogger / Google, just to show I'm still a pretty big Google fan at heart.

I'm pretty excited about it quite frankly.

I'll not reveal the new domain just yet - this address will continue to work up until the migration where Blogger will automatically redirect you to the new domain (if I set things right). I just have to wait 24-72 hours before the new DNS settings take hold and I officially take full ownership of the new home for the Geeky Guide.

Google AppsImage via WikipediaIn addition, I've also signed up for Google Apps, and thus this means you can also get email accounts, calendars, online documents support and other such features under the new domain. Sure, they're the same Google products just with a different ending URL, but perhaps there are some geekier readers out there who might be interested in signing up. I'll provide more information on that in the future.

Also, this means that I'll be in a better position to feature special events on our custom calendar, generate new levels of interaction and readership with the various applications and other such fun stuff. Oh yes, these are definitely fun and exciting time for the Geeky Guide.

The site might go buggy during the transition and of course you'll all need to update your links and bookmarks to the new domain and soon all the sites I manage will hopefully follow suite and get tracked with the new address.

Wish me luck!
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  1. Good luck! Hope the transition would be smooth and pain-free.

  2. @Misterhubs

    It better be! I chose the path of least resistance (I hope) by getting the domain directly through Blogger. Cross your fingers, toes and legs!