Mar 2, 2008

[Geeky Guide] Contact the Geek!

Flickr: Daniel F. Pigatto - Pidgin: diga ADEUS ao Live Messenger!
Pidgin: diga ADEUS ao Live Messenger!
by Daniel F. Pigatto.

Since I'm going to be in the US this April, I thought it might be prudent to post my contact information in case any geeks in the Los Angeles area wanted to meet up, at least you'd be able to reach me. Besides, it's bound to help with further associating this blog with my personally.

Rocky Sunico
Primary Email - rgsunico [at]
YM / Skype / Twitter / AIM - rgsunico
MSN - rgsunico [at]
Personal Blog - Beyond Dinobot Island
Multiply - Moonbase 8

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