Feb 24, 2008

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Milk For Breakfast

Milk For Breakfast

It's been far too long since my last Pinoy Gay Blog review, I know. As is always the case for busy, career-driven gay men like us, I've been torn away from my blogging time by work and other real life demands.

But enough of that and let's just get into this month's featured blog who is a somewhat newer member of the PGB blogroll. Just a few days shy of his blog's one year anniversary, here is Milk For Breakfast.

Milk For Breakfast is the creative product of JP, which is short for John Paul. His blog has been up for almost a year now (technically his first post was on February 28, 2007), and he seems fairly consistent in getting entries out at least weekly. Given he is a trainer in the BPO industry, I can completely relate to how busy he probably gets.

I'm not quite sure why the blog's name involves milk in this manner, but I have to admit it's certainly quite the tasty and somewhat wholesome treat to read. When I say wholesome, I'm more referring to the richness of the topics and discussions that he gets into as opposed to this being "clean" from the office-supervisor-looking-over-your-shoulder perspective. This Blogger-hosted blog is NSFW, but delightfully so.

He writes about a variety of things such as the hottest guys in town or perhaps interesting readings he's picked up here and there about relationship advice or just the random forward of interest that comes along just in time for the pertinent holiday. He also discusses a fair number of movies here and there, revealing to all of us that JP is quite the movie buff. I suppose you could say it takes one to know one, haha.

That's not to say he doesn't cover the personal side of things in his blog. He does document a few of his experiences as separate entries here and there apart from the little insights and tidbits you draw out from amidst his other entries about more general topics.

If these are the kinds of things you're looking for in a Pinoy Gay Blog to add to your reading list or RSS reader, then this is definitely one you might want to try for yourself. Enjoy!

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