Feb 14, 2008

[Holidays] Happy Geeky Valentine's Day!

Flickr: polymath blues - Borg Valentine
Borg Valentine
by polymath blues.

Even if you choose to call today something silly like Single Awareness Day, allow me to greet everyone a very geeky Valentine's Day! Today's all about celebrating love in all its forms, at least it is for me, and it's too great a day to be wasted of moping and thinking about all the bad times you may have had.

It's the perfect day for smiling for no reason, enjoying flowers, chocolates and fruit cups, making sure all those male plugs find female ports and even redecorating your website in pink. Whatever floats your boat, try and celebrate today instead of using it as an excuse to dredge up bad memories and try to make everyone else's day more sour.


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