Feb 13, 2008

[Blogger] New Drafts Feature: Blog List

Blogger in Draft: Blog ListI've been a big fan of the Blogger in Draft concept, which not only brings to light new features for Blogger users but also talks about dedicated efforts to improving the platform given it seems almost neglected after Google first acquired Blogger.

The latest feature is the Blog List, which is more than just a your standard Links List derived blog roll. Instead of just being a list of links, it now taps into the power of Google Reader to check for the latest posts, update times and other goodies. I've added the widget to the site so now it'll help promote those of my blogging friends who update regularly since I've chosen to only feature the ten more recently updated blogs.

Given it's a Drafts feature, you need to log into Blogger in Draft to test the feature out. It's still a bit buggy and I'd appreciate any feedback you readers might have to share about it or even reports of the entire site not loading correctly (which I've gotten myself) given the new widget.

I hope to see more enhancements like this so we can all reduce our dependence on third-party widgets and applications.

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