Jan 5, 2008

[Web] What's on Your RSS Reader?

I was cleaning up my Google Reader feeds and subscribing to a few new blogs when the strange notion popped into my head to take a look at what exactly I've been subscribing to in recent years. Have you thought about what you've been adding to your RSS readers? The answers may surprise you.

Being the Google freak that I am, I used Google Docs to create the charts used in this entry. Go figure.

First, let's look at my generic feed distribution:
Google Reader Feeds

I group my feeds into four generic types (as seen above). Of course the big winner were what you could generally term as blogs - they compose 67.61% of all my feeds. In close second (as my LiveJournal readers should very well know) are comics, which make up 25.35%. Generic website update feeds are 5.63% and strictly news feeds are 1.41&. I think that's mainly because I have my iGoogle page pretty much set up with the news feeds I monitor actively plus for important topics I subscribe to Google Alerts.

It seems rather boring to just leave things at that so I decided to take a closer look at the kinds of blogs I subscribe to:
Blog Types

Majority of the blogs I subscribe to can be termed as personal blogs written in a non-professional manner - roughly 60.42% (not shown in chart). You'll see that when broken down further 35.42% of all blogs are tagged as gay, which means written by gay authors or that cover gay topics while 25% are the generic personal ones. 14.58% of my blogs are official Google blogs and both my technical blogs and my Gawker Media blogs account for 8.33% of the pie each. Lastly, blogs from CNET.com and those written by celebrities make up 4.17% each.

I was considering looking at active vs inactive blogs but that's always a little tricky to weigh depending on update frequency for the blogs / sites in question. Still, that's the way things stand for now.

So what do you have in your RSS reader?

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