Jan 5, 2008

[Geeky Guide] 2007 End-of-Year Report

Geeky Guide Stats 2007

2007 was a pretty big year for the Geeky Guide - it was one of growth and making new friends and cementing relationships. I'm proud of how the Guide has progressed over the course of this year and I think that it's really going to get somewhere soon enough.

So I thought it was only appropriate to go over the statistics for the site as based on Google Analytics and to some extent FeedBurner.

Google Analytics tracked 16,114 visits with 12,953 of tagged as absolute unique visitors. I either have to work on retaining reader loyalty or I just have a lot of readers who block Google cookies, hehe. Still, that resulted in 23,073 pageviews! Not bad for a little blog, hehe.

Sadly, most of my readers are still Internet Explorer users (47.33%) although Firefox users weren't too far behind (46.08%). Of course most users were Windows users (90.21%), which pretty much reflects the global population for the most part but at least Mac (7.39%) and Linux (1.42%) have a decent showing on the site. I was surprised to note a few people read this blog on their PSPs and on their Wiis. How cool is that?

59.09% of all traffic for the Geeky Guide came from referring sites and 32.18% from search engines. I still managed to eke out 8.73% of direct traffic which means at least some people actually bookmarked the site, haha. Of course top referrer remains to be Google (29.84%) in for the form of organic searches. The top five search terms for 2007 were "glorietta 2 bombing", "gay blogs", "ironman trailer", "lunchballz" and "pinoy gay blogs". Sites that seem to send me the most traffic are Blogger, the Official Google Blog, Misterhubs, Technorati and Google Images. It's interesting to note that Misterhubs is the only personal blog referring traffic to me with the other being pretty big name sites for searches and such.

Entries with the most pageviews were [Philippines] About the Desperate Housewives Debacle (which triggered 264 pageviews in one day), [Google] Strawberry Issues (which triggered 394 pageviews in one day), [Pink News] ICON is Now Bi!, [Comics] Why you should download Comics and how to do it (written by Geeky contributor Q the Conqueror) and [Viral Video Chart] Family Guy Star Wars.

FeedBurner Stats - 2007

On the FeedBurner side of things, we averaged 33 subscribers with a reach of 10 but that's only half the story. As you can see in the graph, number of feed subscribers jumped in July when Blogger enabled RSS feed redirects, thus revealing I had a lot of people who read this blog via RSS reader.

Most appear to use variants on Java-based feed readers with Google feedfetchers such as Google Reader and iGoogle coming in second. In terms of browser-based RSS readers, people only predominantly use Firefox.

2007 was the year my Google PageRank climbed up to 3 but now it's dropped to zero - I blame my short experiment with PayPerPost. I just deleted the last of their links in the hopes that it'll refresh my PageRank come the next Google spider visit.

Well, that was our Geeky year. My thanks to all of you, the readers, for your continued support and interest in what the Geeky Guide has to offer!