Jan 28, 2008

[Viral Video Chart] January 20 - 26, 2008

The world of viral video cannot help but be influenced by major events, political or otherwise. This last week we celebrated Marther Luther King Day in the US, dealt with the continuing political gladiator's arena that is the road to the US Presidential Elections in November, watched as the violence in the Gaza strip escalated even further and mourned the passing of Heath Ledger at such a very young age.

On a side note, the efforts against Scientology were particularly strong as well, resulting in a pretty striking video posted by, who else, Anonymous. Go figure.

#1 - Martin Luther King, Jr.: I Have a Dream

#2 - Heath Ledger talks about the Joker

#3 - Message to Scientology

#11 - Gaza violence escalates - 17 Jan 08

#12 - David Chater on Israel's Gaza incursion - 15 Jan 08

#13 - Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( ORIGINAL UNCUT ) 9:34 min

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