Dec 27, 2007

[Geeky Guide] Should We Go Ad-Free?

Flickr: kagey_b - Polling Station
Polling Station
by kagey_b.

I've been toying with Google AdSense and other revenue-generating products throuhout the life of this blog and while it's been fun and such, I've always tried to make it clear that the main purpose of this blog isn't about these monetization efforts.

With the coming of the new year, I was thinking about dropping all monetization efforts all together and go totally ad-free. What do you all think? Is it a good idea or what?

If you have a comment, feel free to leave a comment or better yet participate in the poll - you can find the polling widget in the upperright portion of the blog in the sidebar just under the search box.

My thanks for your continued geeky support?


  1. I don't mind the ads here. They're not as intrusive as those in other blogs. Unless of course you're trying to make some kind of "ads are evil" statement.

  2. I'm not going as far as saying ads are evil - just that they're not the reason I blog and I don't want to get confused for a revenue-hungry blogger.