Nov 6, 2007

[Web] Oprah Now on YouTube

Oprah on YouTube

YouTube has certainly been making progress. As if it wasn't enough that they were bought by Google and that they've made a dent in the US political landscape with their YouChoose debates for presidential hopefuls. However, if there's one thing that always makes a really big impact is getting the interest of THE Oprah Winfrey. Who needs an NBC tie-up now when you've just gotten the nod from arguably the most influential woman in the world right now?

In fact, it's a lot more than just a nod. Oprah has actually set up her own YouTube channel to feature special behind-the-scenes content, previews of coming episodes and videos that Oprah herself has taken with her mobile camera. Yoinks. That certainly has to mean something. I mean come on, this woman threatened the US cattle industry with a single show!

This kind of support can only be good for YouTube and I wonder how much of this was just Oprah being genuinely interested as compared to it being the result of behind-the-scenes negotiations for this kind of pseudo-partnership. One will never really be able to tell right away, I suppose.

So if you're a big fan of the queen of talk, then here's one more avenue for you to enjoy all that is Oprah, as if you didn't already get her newsletter, subscribe to her magazine, TiVo her shows and pine after every single title featured in her book club. Oh, and did you say you were voting for Obama? *grins*

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