Nov 9, 2007

[Videos] Scenes From the WGA Strike

With the WGA Strike on-going, many of our favorite shows are at risk of dying the death that plagued Fantasia in The Neverending Story II - Emptiness. Without writers, the plots die, the jokes grow stale and things generally suck.

If you have no idea what they're fighting for, best to check out this informative video:

#2 - Why We Fight

In the meantime, some of the most entertaining shows to watch are the strikers themselves and what they and the actors of many popular TV dramas and sitcoms have to say...

#1 - The Office is Closed

#9 - Lost & Desperate

Sandra Oh: "How greedy can they get???"

Patrick Dempsey: "They WANT the strike!" A tragedy...

Our Friends From Grey

Well, the story continues...

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