Nov 2, 2007

[Geeky Advice] DST Ends on November 4

Flickr: Valerie Reneé - Setting the new time
Setting the new time
by Valerie Reneé.

Here's a quick reminder for all you Geeky Readers out there:

Considering the change in Daylight Savings Time in the US this year, the end of the time-confusion season is one week later than before. Given this, many digital devices may have been converting time incorrectly if they had built-in DST compensation.

Thus this Sunday at 02:00am US local time (depending on the respective time zone of the person), everyone's reverting to US Standard Time. The old mnemonic states that "Spring forward, Fall back," which means you set your clock one hour ahead in the spring to match DST and you set your clock an hour back in the fall to match standard time.

For all you call center practitioners and BPO employees in the Philippines, this means we can no longer use the "12 hour rule" when it comes to figuring out Eastern Daylight Time. During DST 08:00pm Philippine time would be 08:00am Eastern Daylight time for the same day. Now 08:00pm Philippine time is going to be 07:00am Eastern Standard time of the same calendar date.

Don't forget! We're changing clocks this Sunday.

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