Oct 21, 2007

[Geeky Guide] Ending Paid Blogging Options

I've decided to cut my relationship with both SponsoredReviews and PayPerPost for many reasons. Some may welcome this news with limited joy while most probably won't care either way. Still, I think it's important that I write about what I was thinking in deciding to stop working with these sites.

Who knows, it might change the way you think as well.

Deciding to stop SponsoredReviews was easy enough - while it was faster to get approved for the site, it's a lot harder to get an opportunity cleared. You need to get approved first before writing the entry, which is subject to the individual screening processes of the advertiser. There's just so many listings that I bet a lot of them are already dead.

I gave more of a chance to PayPerPost since when they did approve me, they had a lot more tools to play around with. I tested each and wrote my first sponsored post and waited for it to get approved. Apparently that side of things took longer and in the meantime most of the opportunities were about garage storage cabinets. Now that sucks.

The longer I waited for approval, the more it felt strange and awkward to even consider taking any of these paid opportunities since the topics seemed to be pretty far from the usual things I write about here on the Guide. And of course, that just seemed wrong.

So today I filed the needed tickets to close my PPP account and I removed all the ads and widgets I installed. I think the past "Review My Post" images will be left behind since I'm a tad too lazy to dig through the past entries but eventually I should be able to get rid of them, too. It was an interesting experiment while it lasted, but at the end of the day I blog because I think I have interesting views and ideas that I want to share with everyone and it's not about the money. Sure, I have AdSense and I may still try a few more options in the future, but something as blatant as paid blogging in terms of entries and topics just feels wrong to me.

So ladies and gentlemen, allow me to assure you that the Geeky Guide will remain independent and will not take on any future paid blogging jobs. I promise.


  1. oh that's too bad rocky...
    ako rin, it took time before i got approved... i resorted to other means

  2. nah, it's alright. I think it acted as a wake-up call for me in terms of what really matters for the Geeky Guide.

    I'll limit myself to Google Adsense and perhaps Amazon for now, hehe.