Sep 30, 2007

[StumbleUpon] Alien Alien Productions

Angry Alien Productions

I'm a big fan of StumbleUpon and many a time I've found myself continually "channel surfing" websites using the toolbar and I thought it would be pretty fun to document some of the more interesting sites I find here on the Geeky Guide.

First up is Angry Alien Productions, a strange site that features bunnies re-enacting movies in 30-seconds.

Yes, I said bunnies.

Highly reminiscent of MuffinFilms, Angry Alien Productions hosts a wide array of Flash-based movies which are really funny. MuffinFilms was interesting since it was a collection of original films about, well, muffins. Angry Alien is different in that it tries to satire / parody popular films using bunnies. Yes, why don't you believe me?

So anyway, it's definitely worth the time given each synopsis is only 30-seconds long regardless of how long the original movie was. It's an odd way of getting to know what happened in movies you might not have seen but still they're pretty accurate in their own way. Best of all, this should work despite common work-related internet filters since it's not a streaming video site like YouTube and the movies are short enough for you to catch them in-between reports or conference calls.

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