Sep 6, 2007

[GeekyCast] Talking About StarCraft II

Ever since the big StarCraft II announcement, I've been waiting with baited breath for the game to finally come out. Of course Blizzard has been doing a stellar job of keeping the buzz alive by slowly unveiling new information about all of the new units one new unit at a time.

So in today's GeekyCast I finally give in to my excitement and go over the units announced thus far while adding in a few notes here and there about which ones catch my fancy and which ones I doubt I'll really be using when the game hits. Then again, you can never really tell until the full game comes out but at least for now I can pass the time by speculating to death, hahaha. You can see the units I'm talking about by visiting the official site for all the latest and greatest about the game.

Oh, and I also wanted to thank Lifehacker for some tips to make Firefox run faster by making some changes to my extensions. Coolness!

Download this episode (9 min)

Weird - this was a 12 minute podcast that when uploaded it got squished into a 9 minute one. What's going on Well, now I sound like a robotic chipmunk. It's now funny to listen to, hahaha!

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