Sep 4, 2007

[Gaming] There's still hope, PS3 fanboys

PS3 fanboys, take heart.

In the August figures for consoles sold in Japan, the Nintendo Wii outsold the Sony PS3 - 245,653 to 81,541. Yes, the Wii still outsold the PS3, but this time, it is just 3-to-1. To put things in perspective, the ratio was 4-to-1 in July and 6-to-1 in June.

See, there's still hope. Sony's world domination plans are still on track. Now, if only quality games finally appear for PS3...

And, oh, Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold 11,288 units, if that's enough consolation to PS3 fanboys. Xbox 360 fanboys, well.... at least you'll have Halo 3. And the Red Ring of Death.

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