Sep 7, 2007

[Apple] iPod touch

In his recent keynote address, Steve Jobs did what he does best - make cool Apple announcements in his typically dramatic style. Not that all the Apple geeks in the world are complaining - when Steve has something to say, we tend to listen, don't we?

Part of his announcement was related to a $200 drop in price for the 8Gb iPhone and that the 4Gb model was to be phased out. Ouchies for all those who shelled out the extra cash for the model with the bigger memory! News likes this always gets stock brokers jittery and it resulted in a slight dip in Apple stock price over fears they were under performing in terms of sales for the year. Of course Steve says that it's just a marketing move for the upcoming holidays and for now we'll keep listening.

Apart from announcing a variety of new variants on the various iPod lines like an iPod Nano, he also announced a completely new iPod called the iPod touch.

Yes, this was the real money shot - time to drool...

The iPod touch promises to have all the media-handling capabilities of the iPhone without the cellular capability, which is exactly what a lot of folks have been pining for. Let's face it - most people don't really need a new phone and don't necessarily need an iPhone. What people do want is tht 3.5 inch screen, the touch interface and the mobile web browsing experience.

There's a guided tour for the iPod touch in case you're interested and it goes on to showcase all the best things we liked about the iPhone. So far it's promised to be in 8Gb and 16Gb models starting at $299. Still a hefty price tag but it does look like a phenomenal device.

This iPod touch has WiFi capability, which is needed to make the addition of the Safari browser anywhere near useful. This also means getting access to iTunes from the device - a nifty way to try and get people to purchase more music for their players if you're into using the iTunes Store, of course.

This is one media device I've love to get my hands on considering I've survived this long without a portable media player until today, haha. iPhone? Who needs that anymore - this is the device that people are really going to want from a global perspective.

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