Aug 1, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] The Amateur Misanthrope

The Amateur Misanthrope

This week's featured blog may not initially seem as what most people would coin to be a stereotypically gay blog. A lot of the blogs that have been reviewed thus far often touch on entertainment, fashion, celebrity items and of course loads and loads of beautiful men in various states of undress. These are all well and good, but there's more to us than that right?

Hence this week we remind ourselves that there's a lot more to being gay than just that, and this is what The Amateur Misanthrope tells us all too clearly.

The Amateur Misanthrope appears to be another blog written by someone in the legal profession. Of course, this blog is far different from that of the ever-popular lawyer Misterhubs, so let's not be hasty in expecting the exact same thing. For one thing, this blog is predominantly SFW unless your manager reads too closely and picks up on the subtle sexuality in some of the entries - then again they're so slight, even you might miss them at times.

Apart from the entertainment fascination and a lot of male eye candy, the notion of being gay is often connected to a certain degree of intelligence and depth, a more than generous amount of culture and distinction and above all good taste. Hence comes in the love of operas and classical music, fine literature and Broadway musicals, right?

From a technical aspect, the blog is hosted off the Blogger platform which lends it to dynamic page-loading and general stability these days since the full migration to Google servers. Despite that potential, the blog is very straightforward and has little clutter in terms of flash gadgets and excessive widgets. The only media you'll find are a few choice images well-suited to the topics and perhaps a video embed here and there. While the blog has been around since October 2006, his entries are a tad few and far between and one can only hope this review might spur him to increase his writing frequency.

The Amateur Misanthrope tends to touch more on topics of this nature with many entries discussing his respectable book collection (that's saying a lot coming from a book fiend like me, hehe), his even larger classical music collection and other such items. His tone is a bit serious but still light and not overbearing or anything like that. There's definitely a keen intelligence behind the entires and you can see that in what he chooses to write about and even in the photos he likes to post from time to time. Case in point - his recent hagdanan series of entries has me beyond intrigued at the kind of eye that saw the poignancy in taking these photos.

This is not to say this is a boring blog or that the writer is a stick-in-the-mud or anything crass like that. This cannot be farther from the truth. While the term misanthrope can be defined as a general dislike or distrust for man, this blog isn't actually about that. You won't get a feeling of misanthropy from reading his entries but instead you might find a new appreciation for what makes humanity so striking in terms of its writing, music and day-to-day activities.

So if you're looking for a smarter read than most, then this is a great blog to add to your RSS Reader or your daily reading list. It's already on mine

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