Aug 27, 2007

[Personal] The August Birthday Entries - Set three

Finally, after the first 18 entries that made up part one and part two, here are the last 9 entries that make up the final set of entries. Many of them are the most daring I've even written (which are tame by most standards) since I tried to explore my notions of sex and sexuality to a limited extent.

Tomorrow's the big day. I hope I get something good, haha.

19) 00509: Day Nineteen - Nerd
20) 0050A: Day Twenty - Wanker
21) 0050B: Day Twenty One - Pornography
22) 0050C: Day Twenty Two - Internet Dating
23) 0050D: Day Twenty Three - The First Few...
24) 0050E: Day Twenty Four - Kinky
25) 0050F: Day Twenty Five - When I Knew...
26) 00510: Day Twenty Six - Walking Without Rhythm
27) 00511: Day Twenty Seven - Crossing the Terminator

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